Dolphin Safari In Tarkarli

dolphins in tarkarli

Experience a relaxing fun in boat while spotting dophins in Tarkarli sea. Brownish species you will find here at tarkarli beach coast. Catch the unforgettable moments in your camera with dolphins.

Here fun filled dolphin safari is for 45 minutes and you can also enjoy tarkarli creek sightseeing while boating. Some troops in tarkarli offers  “No Dolphin, No Pay” philosophy in October and december month.  Dolphins in tarkarli-malvan are mainly the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, where you are often able to view these dolphins from a close distance, swimming, jumping and frolicking in the warm, deep seas . The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin is a member of the genus Sousa. These dolphins are characterized by the conspicuous humps and elongated dorsal fins found on the back of adult members of the species.

Tarkarli’s scenic beauty and calm climatic atmosphere makes it a cool destination for this activity. Away from the coast, view tarkarli through the eyes of the friendly dolphins. As the boat speeds away from the sandy shores of the beach, you will see the green emerald that tarkarli truly is when seen far away from sea.

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