How To Reach Tarkarli Beach?

Tarkarli is a small village located at south direction of Malvan. Malvan is a taluka in Sindhudurg district.  This district  is declared as a tourism district in 2000. Sindhudurg district is part of Maharashtra state bordering to Goa. Goa is just on 90 Km from Tarkarli- Malvan.

Buses or trains coming from Pune or Mumbai passes from Kudal while reaching to Goa. So Kudal is nearest stop to Tarkarli- Malvan.

Tarkarli tourism in Malvan is flourishing well. The million of tourists visits each year to Tarkarli. Most of tourists are coming from Pune and Mumbai. Here we are going to introduce the shortest path and ways to come in Tarkarli.

Most of the tourist search a regular question – How to reach Tarkarli from Pune ? Here we tried to give answer of this question. Click here to know routes to Tarkarli beach from Pune.

By road Tarkarli is 411 Km away from Pune. There is no direct railway to Tarkarli. So most of the tourist travels with their own vehicle.

Next crowd comes from Mumbai. Many trains are available from Mumbai upto Kudal railway station. Let see how to reach Tarkarli from Mumbai.